Tara Thornton, who has been a babyvamp for a short while, has fed on a little amount of humans. She swears that she was just human and cannot look at another human like food.


"It's okay, I don't mind."
―Melanie, upon being bitten.

Melanie assists Pam Swynford De Beaufort in teaching her new progeny Tara how to feed. Pam wakes Tara up andintroduces Melanie. She tells Tara to feed on her. Tara refuses, but Melanie says she doesn't mind. Tara is resolute, but Pam commands Tara to feed. Tara is compelled to bite Melanie and Pam shows Tara how to properly feed without killing. (Episode: "We’ll Meet Again")


"If you wanna skip small talk......"
―Kathy's words before being bitten.

Kathy is a patron of Fangtasia. Tara tries to feed on her but Pam stops Tara. Later, we see Jessica Hamby feeding on Kathy in the bathroom stall. (Episode: "Let's Boot and Rally")


Hoyt and Tara

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"My blood's not good enough for you?"
―Hoyt to Tara

Hoyt has now turned a fangbanger by season 5 of True Blood. He offers himself to Tara, and at first she denies him. Later, she feeds on him in a bathroom stall- only to be interrupted by Jessica, who starts a fight with her. (Episode: "Let's Boot and Rally")