Pamela "Pam" Swynford De Beaufort
Biographical Information
Born 1871 (age 100+ years)
Title(s) Madam, Maker
Physical Information
Species Vampire
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color White
Familial Information
Spouse N/A
Children Tara Thornton - Progeny

Jace Northman(Son)

Parents Eric Northman - Maker/lover/made love/bestfriend
Grandparents Godric - Vampire Grandfather/GrandSire
Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers All Vampire Abilities
Active Powers
Other Powers
Occupation Co-Owner of Fangtasia
Home Shreveport, LA
Loyalty Eric Northman, Tara Thornton
Season 1-5
Portrayed By
Adult Kristin Bauer Van Straten
"You were born into greatness."
―Eric to Pam

Pamela "Pam" Swynford De Beaufort was born in 1871 and turned into a vampire in the year 1905. She is the progeny, lover and Bestfriend of Eric Northman. The duo lived together for over a century, Eric finally released Pam in 2009. Pam has become her own maker, creating a progeny out of Tara Thornton who was unfortunately destroyed in the finale season of True blood. In the fan based universe of fiction with Paric Pairings, Pam is the mother of Eric's son Jace Northman.


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Pam Laughing

Pam is always first and foremost loyal to her maker Eric Northman. She does not stray far from him, or do anything that is against his will or without his suggestion or consent first. Pam is also known for being very much a "smart-ass". She is sarcastic, funny and witty. She is cunning, a trait she was shown to have even as a madam when she was human. She is also stylish and always current with the fashion of the year. She does not care much for humans, especially children- never having nor wanting her own while she was a human. She never much cared for being a maker either, and now that she is, she is finding it somewhat hard. She knows however the bloodline that flows within Tara is a strong one, and it is up to Pam to not let Eric down- even though he has now released Pam to be on her own with Tara.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Pam and Tara

Pam has the common powers and weaknesses of a vampire such as superhuman strength, speed and healing. She has a natural affinity for glamouring. Due to her age, she is much stronger and faster than younger vampires such as Jessica and Tara but far weaker than her superiors such as Godric and Eric. However, she has shown herself capable of overpowering her elder, Bill, using a combination of liquid silver and her own enhanced vampire speed and strength. Her weaknesses include a stake to the heart, silver and fire. Sunlight will slowly kill a vampire of her age. She is also shown, like most vampires, to have weaknesses when it comes to witches and Sookie's fairy power, or "Photokinesis" power.

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