Pams red sequin fitted dress S4

In Season 4 of True Blood, Pam wears this stunning red sequin dress. Well, know we know more about it! Here it is from the own lips of costume designer "Audrey Fisher".

About the DressEdit

"This is a Brian Lichtenberg dress. I saw these dresses in a window at the store in the Beverly Center. It’s red and glittery and one shoulder and incredible. I just immediately thought of Pam with that crazy shoulder. We call it her Lady Gaga outfit. The juxtaposition of this crazy dress in Sookie’s grandma’s house was really funny. We also used a crystal collar and cuff customized by Marianna’s Designer Jewelry to match the red of the dress. She’s got a store in downtown L.A. She’s amazing, and I’ve worked with her for years."

--Audrey Fisher

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