Pam under a spell
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Pam has a spell cast upon her face
Episode: "I'm Alive and on Fire"
"Fix my Maker!"

Pam being placed under a spell was an act of self-defense, on the witches' point of view.


Eric's spell of his ownEdit

Eric is sent to break up a group of "wiccans", orders by King Bill. He enters the coven's gathering. Marnie begins to cast a spell on Eric. Eric's memory is wiped away. After seeing Eric and taking him to her house, Sookie sees signs that he has amnesia. Sookie calls Pam and Pam rushes over, in vamp speed. She tells Sookie to hide Eric and make sure no one else knows about him.

Dead LineEdit

Lafayette goes to Pam at Fangtasia, meaning to find Eric, trying to apologize. Pam throws him in the basement, his worst fear place. Tara Thornton and Jesus, Lafayette's boyfriend, come to the rescue. Pam gives them a dead line of 1 day, to cure Eric. They relay this dead line to Marnie, and all the rest of the day searching for the right spell.


Meeting the dead lineEdit

1 day has past and the dead line is due. Pam, Lafaytette, Tara, Jesus and Marnie meet in a field. With the spellbook in hand, Marnie begins to chant, while Pam continues to complain and threaten. When Pam says that the spell is "bullshit", suddenly, Marnie drops her spellbook and gets a strange look on her face. Pam rushes to Marnie, in vamp speed, and Marnie is able to keep up, since her she lifted her hand up before Pam gets to her.

Pam's SpellEdit

Using telekinesis to hold Pam still, Marnie starts chanting again in Spanish. Pam's facial skin begins to burn. She lifts her hand and touches her cheek, a chunk of skin coming off. She screams and leaves in vampire speed. Marnie, her eyes filled with the fire spirit, smiles again, then faints dead away.


Pam afterwardsEdit

Pam starts to rot. She has a special doctor come to help her, and she looks great outside, but her insides are still rotting. Pam needs to take some special shots everywhere, for forever.

Marnie afterwardsEdit

Once Marnie dies, thanks to Eric and Bill, all spells placed on them are removed. She is now able to stop taking the shots

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