Pam becomes a maker
Pam makes Tara Vampire GIF
Pam turns Tara into her progeny
Episode: "Turn! Turn! Turn!"
"Turn her? I don't even like her!."
―Pam to Tara

Pam becoming a maker is a very important part of Pam's vamp life.

Pre- TurningEdit

The Debbie Pelt caseEdit

An angry and jealous werewolf comes to Sookie's house with a shotgun. She intended to kill Sookie, but it didn't turn out like that...

The DeathsEdit

Sookie arrives home to find Debbie, with an itchy trigger-finger. Tara Thornton shes what is about to happen and jumps in front of the bullet, when Debbie shoots. The bullet bites half of Tara's head and explodes the cabinet. Tara is showered by broken glass as she falls to the floor. Sookie manages to subdue a shocked Debbie, by jumping on her and elbowing her. Sookie grabs the gun a there is one finale gunshot, marking Debbie's death.

The TurningEdit

The pactEdit

Pam runs to Sookie's while Lafayette and Sookie are holding Tara. Pam reveals she came to see Eric. Lafayette asks Pam to change Tara, even though Tara hates vamps. Pam agrees, once Sookie will do a favor and fix her relationship with Eric.

Vamp TaraEdit

Tara and Pam are buried. At the end of the next day, Tara rises as a vampire and attacks Sookie. Pam throws a brain-dead Tara in Sookie's house.


Pam and TaraEdit

Once Tara's brain has healed, she runs from Sookie's and into the woods. Tara goes to Merlotte's and is feed TruBlood. Sam, a shifter, puts Tara in the walk in. Tara leaves Merlotte's. She stumbles onto a Tanning Salon, she goes into the Tanning bed and is dying. Pam using her Sixth Sense, feels Tara and saves her. Pam is currently taking care of Tara.

Tara goes publicEdit

Somehow, after Tara runs from Merlotte's she shows her fangs in a room of:

  • Sookie Stackhouse, a Fairy, her ex best-friend
  • Lafayette, a demon/witch, Tara's cousin
  • Alcide, a werewolf
  • Sam, a shape-shifter, Tara's former lover
  • And Arlene, a human, and a gossiper

It is possible that Arlene told some people and soon the whole town knew.