"Do you know what happens to women like me when we get old? We’re pariahs. we die alone in the dark."
Pam Season 5x03

Pamela, circa 1905.

Pam's first years as a human are seen taking place in 1905, San Francisco. There, she a madam in a brothel.

Pam is AttackedEdit

Pam almost attacked

Pam is attacked (then saved by Eric)

Leaving work late, Pam is followed by a mugger and almost attacked. In an instant, the attackers throat is slit and he falls to the ground dead. Eric, then a stranger to her, asks why she is not frightened. She explains this isn't the first dead body she has seen. It obvious that Eric fancies Pam. He gives her some money to pay for the bloody damage done to her dress. (Episode: "Authority Always Wins")

Pam meets her MakerEdit

Pam eric 1905

After the first initial meeting of the stranger that saved her life, Eric returns to Comstock brothel requesting Pam. She shows him other girls, yet it is obvious he only fancies her. Eric and Pam discover another of her girls being murdered. This time they are caught in the act. It is Lorena and Bill Compton. Eric uses his authority to force them to leave. Pam then knows she should sleep with Eric, as there is a debt to be paid.

Pam desires to be a vampireEdit

Pam slices wrists

After sleeping with Eric, Pam tells him that she desires to be a vampire. That women her age will only grow old, and die of a horrible disease. He explains that being a maker is a very tough job and to not be taken lightly. He refuses. Pam stands and as she walks to her vanity and puts on her robe, she slices her wrists. She turns around and gives Eric the option- watch her die, her turn her into a vampire. (Episode: "Whatever I Am, You Made Me")

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