Vampire CharactersEdit

Alexander DrewEdit

Was an angelic looking, yet impetuous vampire. He was turned at the tender age of 9, and served the Vampire Authority as a Chancellor. He enjoyed smoking cigarettes and taunting everyone around him, including his fellow Chancellors. For being a part of the anti-mainstreaming Roman stakes him in mid-air, in front of the assembled Chancellors.

Beulah CarterEdit

Beulah Carter was a vampire who resided in Bon Temps, Louisiana and lived next door to Maxine Fortenberry. She was destroyed when Antonia cast a spell over the vampires of Louisiana, which caused them to rise from their coffins and walk into the daylight where they burned to death.

Bill ComptonEdit

King William Thomas Compton of Louisiana (born December 26, 1835, died c. 1865), most commonly known as Bill, is a vampire living in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Since the Great Revelation, Bill has decided to "mainstream" and co-exist peacefully with humans. He is known as Vampire Bill by some Bon Temps residents like Hoyt Fortenberry. Undead.


Was one of Louisiana's Vampire sheriffs. An impulsive vampire with a violent attitude and an insatiable blood lust. As both a sheriff and a old acquaintance of Eric Northman and Bill Compton's, he travels to Bon Temps, Louisiana at the special request of his king to deal with the escalating necromancy crisis, but ultimately meets the True Death when he and his colleagues fall victim to the machinations of the witch Marnie Stonebrook.

Cat IngerslevEdit

A no-nonsense vampire in her 40's who works with the vampire underground railroad. She is helping Eric and Bill get new identities. Just as she is getting ready to walk away, Cat and her entire vampire clan are staked and killed by the Authority.

Diane HardwickeEdit

Her ended her human life in Niagara Falls, Canada, the night the Honeymoon Bridge collapsed. Diane had been brought there on a “second honeymoon” by her husband Virgil, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship in which Diane was berated for being barren. This trip turned out to be their last together. No deaths were reported, but Diane knows better. Early the next day, they set the house aflame, destroying Malcolm, Liam and Diane, and killing fangbanger Neil Jones.

Dieter BraunEdit

is an ancient male vampire, and a Chancellor of the [http:// Vampire Authority]. Mature, self-possessed, calm and authoritative, with a piercing gaze. Dieter is extremely intimidating, despite his slender frame, and he enjoys using innovative methods to torture prisoners during interrogation. His methods of choice include injecting liquified silver into the veins of his victims, and burning them with exposure to ultra-violet lights.

Duprez Was vampire sheriff of Louisiana's Area 2.