Jace Urik Northman
Biographical Information
Born Sometime in 2013

(two days old -17+)

Title(s) Chucky (used by Ginger)

The devils spawn (used by jessica)

The thing (used by Pam while pregnant)

Jace (used by Eric)

JJ (used by Sookie)

Physical Information
Species Half demon
Gender Male
Hair Color Ash Brown
Eye Color Icy Blue
Skin Color White
Familial Information
Spouse none
Children none
Parents Pam Swynford De Beaufort (Mother)

Eric Northman(Father)

Sookie Stackhouse(Adoptive mother)

Siblings Willa Burwell- Vampire sister

Tara Thornton- Vampire sister (destroyed) †

Nora Gainsborough-Vampire aunt(destroyed) †

Grandparents Astrid-Paternal grandmother (deceased) †

Urik- Paternal Grandfather (deceased) †

Unnamed paternal aunt (deceased) †

Godric-Great grandmaker

Unnamed Maternal Grandmother (deceased) †

Unnamed Maternal Grandfather (deceased) †

Unnamed Maternal uncle (deceased) †

Earl Stackhouse - Adoptive Great Grandfather (deceased) †

Corbett Stackhouse - Adoptive Grandfather (deceased) †

Michelle Stackhouse - Adoptive Grandmother (deceased) †

Carey Delahouysse - Adoptive second Uncle (deceased) †

Linda Stackhouse - Adoptive second Aunt (deceased) †

Jason Stackhouse - Adoptive uncle

Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers Vampiric heritage grants him many of the common vampire powers without any of the vampire weaknesses.

Trained in hunting, tracking, and combat techniques.

Active Powers Alive
Other Powers
Occupation Fangtasia
Home Bon temps
Loyalty Eric, Sookie
Season 5,6,7 and on
Portrayed By
Adult Unknown

Jace Northman, is commonly found in many Fan-fictions about the HBO original series True blood. He is commonly written as the biological son of Pam Swynford De Beaufort and Eric Northman. The character of Jace Northman has appeared in Fan stories such as "Could this be the true death" written by Leviathan, He has also appeared in many other Fanfictions. And has yet to make more appearences.

Physical Appearance Edit

An infant in Early chapters, but when fully aged Jace is often described as. 6ft 4 with Piercing blue eyes resembling Eric's and Ash blonde shaggy hair.

Personality Edit

Jace is shown to be Skeptical, Cryptic, Brave, Stubborn, Selfish and Short-tempered. He resents Pam, And resented Eric at first but soon grew loyal to him.

Biography Edit

In an A.U universe Jace is conceived as a result of the spell Marnie stonebrook put on Pam. Pam falls pregnant after an encounter with her maker Eric Northman. Jace has made appearences in Early chapters of Fanfiction when Pam is still pregnant with him.

He is commonly kept by Pam after 7 failed attempts abort him.

More information is to come about the character of Jace Northman.

Powers and Abilities Edit

All Vampire abilities, super-strength, super healing