"Sookie called"
―Ginger telling Pam that Sookie called, looking for Eric

Lafayette goes to Fangtasia looking for Eric, but instead he encounters Pam. Before she tries to kill him, Tara and Jesus go down the stairs with Ginger. Tara has a gun, which she uses to force Ginger to guide them to the basement of Fangtasia. In the middle of the argument Ginger escapes, squealing as she usually does. Pam just rolls her eyes and keeps listening to Tara's proposition.(Episode: "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?")

Ginger, is instructed by Pam to give her the 6 shots she needs in order for her face to heal from the full body peel Dr. Ludwig performed. Pam also trusts Ginger to hold her in place should Antonia's plan make her meet the sun. Once the spell causes Pam to desperately try and escape into the daylight. Ginger uses her own body weight to keep Pam's coffin from opening.(Episode: "Cold Grey Light of Dawn")

At Fangtasia, Pam throws a fit over Sookie stealing Eric away from her and bursts into tears over losing her Maker. (Episode: "And When I Die")