266px-Ginger Fangtasia 5x2
Biographical Information
Born 30s-early 40s
Title(s) Waitress
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color
Skin Color White
Familial Information
Spouse N/A
Parents Unknown
Grandparents Unknown
Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers Marksmanship
Active Powers
Other Powers
Occupation Waitress/Employee to Pam and Eric Northman
Home Shreveport, La
Loyalty Pam and Eric Northman
Season 1-5
Portrayed By
Adult Tara Buck
"Why you all dirty?"

Ginger is Pam's longest employee at Fangtasia. Ginger would consider herself Pam's "friend", but Pam doesn't see it that way. Ginger acts as Fangtasia's waitress. She has been working there for about a year or two. She belongs to Pam, Eric and Chow; since she works for them.

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Ginger is weak-minded and timid. She is not afraid of saying what's on her mind. By working around vampires she claims to have lost a lot of weight as she forgets to eat. She is also shown to scream a lot.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Throughout most of the series Ginger is seen sporting a revolver pistol. She seems to be a skilled marksman as seen when she shot Lafayette, Tara Thornton's cousin.

Also when Sookie Stackhouse was investigating who stole money from Eric Northman, she read Ginger's mind and Ginger threatened (in her mind) that she would jump Sookie, if she lied on her. It is possible that she can fight, but is a little possibility.

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